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Drawings of Dame Julie Andrews.

These digital drawing are by me using my intuos or wacom pad.



My drawing of Sir Patrick Stewart.

Latest digital drawings of Gates McFadden.

The drawing on the left I sent to Gates on Twitter & she asked for a copy it. Very exciting for this fan!Digital Drawings of

Picard & Crusher

I've been recently addicted to the Picard & Crusher fandom.

Thank god again the net has so much to offer with this couple! Although alot of sites are offline.



New things with me, I no longer work in the veterinary field, I am enrolled in The Art institute of Pittsburgh, online division, I still love computers and now have added digital art, drawing (with intuos, wacom drawing pads), graphic and web design to my arsenal. I am doing mucho abstract art at the moment, drawings of family, favorite actors Gates McFadden, Richard Burton, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman................so I just wanted to give you an update. Finding my artistic side has really made me miss my Mom, it brings her closer to my heart! She was the artist in the family!

 Hi Everyone,

I just joined the chamber and I'mmmm sooooooooooooo excited!! :) I've been crazy about our couple from about Dec. 2007.
I LOVE all the fan fiction on the web about them but I wanted to be a part of this group because I really can't talk to my family
about because they would just say there she goes again. The fan fiction I've read since I've been in the group since this am
has been wonderful! My 15 year old niece came in my bedroom last night and "Your watching that again.".......to PD1...........
she has know idea!!

Ok, now some info. I work as a Veterinary Practice manager in AZ. I love animals!! I'm 40 something! Single put still looking
for my Joseph. I'm the youngest of seven children. I was born and raised in Long Island, NY...I moved west 15 years ago.
I love movies, internet, computers, scrapbooking, photography, cooking, starbucks...........I have a doberman named "Jon-Luc'
and a cat named "Stetson".


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